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The 4X4=16 is the oldest of our awards and is available from the Awards Manager of the Israel Amateur Radio Club, P.O.B. 17600, 61176 Tel-Aviv. You must have 16 contacts with (or for SWL's QSO's logged) with 4X/4Z stations on 4 different bands. (You can actually have, say, 13 QSO's on 20 meters and then single QSO's on 40, 15 and 10, or any combination as long as you've made contacts on 4 bands and have 16 QSO's.) All contacts from 1948 on are valid, send along with your award application a GCR list and or 7 IRC's for mailing to the above address.
Color pastel green. Red & Blue writing on a white square background. White & Blue decorations .
Measures 32 X 22 cm.

Work 16 different Israeli Stations on 4 different HF bands.
No mode or band restrictions. Send GCR list and 7 IRC's to:

Israel Award Manager,
Mark Stern, 4Z4KX
P.O.Box 17600
Tel-Aviv 61176, Israel.