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The Israeli Award is available for either 2-way amateur radio contacts or SWL reports from the Israel Amateur Radio Club, POB 17600, Tel-Aviv 61176. One must accumulate a total of 25 points, with every contact below 10 MHz being worth two points, others one point a piece, and VHF/UHF contacts (for stations outside of Israel) 10 points each. All contacts must have taken place after Jan. 1, 1982. No QSL's are necessary, just a detailed GCR list of all the contacts, and the application to be sent to the IARC Award Manager at the above address, must be accompanied by either or 7 IRC's.

Color White with Silver & Blue border
Measures 31 X 24 cm.

Work Israeli Stations, to qualify for the necessary 25 points. Each contact above 10 MHz. counts 1 point, below 10 MHz. counts 2 points Each station may be worked only once per band. Contacts must be after 1 Jan. 1983. No restrictions on bands or modes.
Send log extract and 7 IRC's to:

Israel Award Manager,
Mark Stern, 4Z4KX
P.O.Box 17600
Tel-Aviv 61176, Israel.