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The Jerusalem Award is available to overseas amateurs or SWL's who have logged QSO's with four different stations in Jerusalem, Israel's capital. Any bands or modes may be used. (Israeli amateurs need 10 contacts, at least 7 of them on HF.) To qualify, send a detailed list of the contacts certified by either your radio society's awards manager or two licensed hams, along with the award fee of either 4 IRC's or 2 dollars to: Dr. Milt Gordon 4X1AA, P.O.B. 4079, 91040 Jerusalem, Israel.

Brownish drawing of the Old City of Jerusalem as seen from outside the City Walls, on a white background.
Signed by the Mayor of Jerusalem.
Measures 34 X 24 cm.

Work at least 4 Amateur Stations in the City of Jerusalem. 3 Stations elsewhere in Israel. Any band or mode. Contacts after 1 Jan. 1983. Send GCR list and 4 IRC's to:

Israel Award Manager,
Mark Stern, 4Z4KX
P.O.Box 17600
Tel-Aviv 61176, Israel.