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The Tel-Aviv Award may be earned by working a combination of stations in Tel-Aviv-Jaffa from January 1 1984 on, to accumulate ten points. All modes and bands are good, and contacts (or reports for SWL's) with the same station on different bands will count. 4X75TA itself is good for 10 points. All stations from Jaffa plus Tel-Avivians with special prefixes like 4X5, 4X40, 4X85 etc. are good for 5 points a piece. The run of the mill 4X and 4Z 1, 4, 6 and 9's are worth a single point each. Applications must show full details of all contacts (no QSL's are needed) be certified either by your radio society's awards manager or two licensed amateurs, and be sent to the Tel-Aviv award manager 4X6LM, Shlomo Mussali, P.O.B. 8225, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa 61081, Israel. Include the fee of U.S. or equivalent. (Israeli applicants need 15 points and the fee of 5 New Sheqels.)

Multi colored photograph of the beach promenade of the City of Tel- Aviv, signed by the Mayor of Tel-Aviv -Jaffa.
Measures 30 X 22 cm.

Work at least 15 (Points) Amateur Stations in the City of Tel Aviv - Jaffa only. Tel Aviv stations count 1 point, Jaffa stations count 5 points, special stations 4X75TA - 4X85TA etc. count 5 points,
Contacts after 1 Jan. 1984. No restrictions on bands or modes. Send GCR list and $ 4 to:

4X6LM, Shlomo Mussali,
P.O.Box 8225
Tel-Aviv 61081, Israel