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 Rishon Le'Zion 

This award, issued by the radio club of Rishon Le'Zion. All contacts must have been made after January 1, 1990 with 5 different stations from Rishon Le'Zion on any modes and frequencies. Send a log extract of the contacts, signed by two licensed amateurs, along with the fee of or 7 IRC's, to Ehud Levine 4X1EL, Smilchansky 35/B, Rishon Le'Zion 75234, Israel. (Israeli amateurs send stamps to the value of 4 NIS, and must work 7 Rishon stations on one of the HF bands and another 7 on Simplex VHF or UHF.) The award is available to SWL's as well under the same rules.

Colored drawing of the Old Winery in the City of Rishon and other specific landmarks, of the Old City, on a White background with Brown writing.
Signed personally by the Mayor.
Measures 37 X 26 cm.

Work 7 Stations located in the City of Rishon Le-Zion No band or mode limitations.
Send GCR list with $ 3. or 7 IRC's to:

4Z4KX Mark Stern,
P.O.Box 3033 Rishon
Le-Zion 75130, Israel.