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 Kiryat Ono 

To achieve the Kiryat Ono Award, featuring a colour drawing of specific landmarks of the city on a white background, and signed personally by the mayor himself, contact at least 4 Kiryat Ono stations after March 1 1990 on any HF band(s). Send a GCR list with or 7 IRC's to Joseph Obstfeld 4X6KJ, POB 873, 55000 Kiryat Ono, Israel.

Colored drawing of specific landmarks, of the City. White background with Black writing.
Signed personally by the Mayor.
Measures 30 X 21 cm.

Work at least 4 Stations located in Kiryat-Ono No band or mode limitations.
Send GCR list with $ 3. or 7 IRC's to:

4X6KJ Joseph Obstfeld
P.O.Box 873
Kiryat-Ono 55000 Israel.