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The Nazareth Illit "SHALOM" AWARD

Colored specific landmarks, of the City of Nazareth Multicolored background with Gold & Black writing.

Personally signed by the Mayor of the City.
Measures 32.5 X 23 cm.

Qualification: Collect at least 35 points. 4Z4SZ located in Nazareth is obligatory and worth 10 points.
4X4CD, 4Z4KX, 4X1AT, 4X6XJ, 4Z4RJ, 4Z4RM stations count for 5 points each. All other Israeli stations count for 1 point. No band or mode limitations.

Send log list with $ 3. or 5 IRC's to:

P.O.Box 1144
Nazareth Illit 17000, Israel.