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 Shalom 2000 

Shalom 2000:

The multicolored Award is 21 X 30 cm. It is sponsored by the Municipality of Nazareth-Illith and the I.A.R.C.The Award is personally signed by the Mayor of the City.

Award Qualification:
Work Israeli stations on all bands, all modes. For a total of 2000 points. Score: 300 points: 4Z4SZ 150 points: 4X4CD, 4Z4KX,. 4X6DK, 4X1IM, 4XIUK, 4Z5FW, 4Z5AF, 4Z5JM, 4Z4RJ, 4X1AT, 100 points: If QTH = Jerusalem, Nazareth, Tiberias, Haifa, Lod. 50 points: Any other Israeli station. Only one QSO counts for each Israeli station. All QSOs from 1 April 1999. Send logs + 7 IRCs or 7 US $ to: 4X4 CD, P.O.Box 13092, Nazareth Illit 17000 Israel.
A contest is held annually, during the month of April, to promote The Holyland Award. Details about the contest and award, on request from the IARC Contest Manager, P.O.Box 17600, Tel Aviv 61176, Israel. (SASE required) A special award for the contest is issued.

Send applications to IARC Award Manager, P.O.Box 17600 Tel Aviv 61176