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  Elected Officers for the year 2005 - 2006

More on the IARC HQ
On Tuesday the 11th of June a festive IARC council meeting was held in the new headquarters of the Israel Amateur Radio Club Office in Tel-Aviv . About 50 members were present for the occasion.Speakers were Nathan Gidron 4Z7GAD of Motorola and Dani Roth 4X4YM.Joe Obstfeld 4X6KJ thanked Nathan and his company, Motorola for their most generous support of the IARC.

Tuvia 4X4GT is organising a regular lecture series there, which he opened with a talk on wire antennas ? dipoles, delta loops, Slim Jims, and longwires.More speakers are solicited.

The club callsign is 4X4ARC and the station is being kept active.