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 Clocks, greyline, great circle, grid squares 

  • AZMap - an Azimuthal-Equidistance Map Generator From AA6Z
  • Beacon Wizard -- Track the NCDXF Beacons and Sets your PC Clock to world standards
  • DX Atlas 1.1 -- From VE3NEA
  • DX View 1.1.5 -- FreeWare.  Find heading, country, distance, zone info from callsign prefix --- Includes Maps, Greyline and More. An absolute MUST SEE
  • Formulae For Calculating Great Circle Heading and Distance Information
  • HamClock -- Desk Top program for Time in the All DXCC Prefixes -- A Real Winner and its Free!!
  • Ham Clock Version 2 - Another beauty -- Shows Time, UTC and by prefix. Also displays the distance and heading from your location to the selected prefix next to the time.
  • GcmWin - A program to make Great Circle Maps -- Via SM3GS
  • Geo Clock -- A beauty -- World Maps, Grey Line -- much more By Joe Ahlgren
  • Gray Line Program -- From PA3CQR
  • Gray Line Program -- From Alex Shovkoplyas, ex UR5EMI (now in VE3)
  • Radio Explorer -- By Dmitry Nefedov -- Graphic viewer for shortwave schedules (ILGRadio and HFCC), displaying data in a tree-like way and on a Gantt.chart.  It also features a world map with greyline and MUF coloring. It is developed in Java and runs on multiple platforms.
  • Great Circle calculations -- -GCGC by Ron McConnell W2IOL.
  • Great Circle Maps - azprj104.zip program - For any point on the earth.
  • Grid Squares -- From the ARRL Web -- on-line grid-square calculator  
  • Grid Square Calculator -- Find Grid Squares By Long/Lat or find Long/Lat from Grid Squares --- From AMSAT
  • Online Map Creation using AZ_PROJ v1.04 - By Joe NA3T and Michael NV3Z
  • OSSYSTEMS -- Sets your PC Clock to world standards
  • Super Software Page - By KL7J, Great Circle Map, Geoclock w/Greyline, SSTV, RTTY
  • Sunrise/Sunset, Gray line and UTC Time From HAB Software, Hamburg, Germany.
  • Worked All Fields -- From The Field Hunters Home on the 'Net -- Sponsored by TOEC - Maintained by SM3OJR