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During the 2004 CQWW, Dave, WA8WV and I (Hal, W8HC) had the privilege to operate Multi-Single as 4X0WV (Four, X-Ray, Zero, West Virginia) from the 4X4REM Club Station in beautiful Reut, Israel. Reut is a very modern city located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This area is also historically significant as the site of the Maccabees.

I operated from this station last year during only 17 hours of the CQWW Phone Contest and knew from that time, I would have to return to Reut to operate an entire contest!

Actually, it is hard to believe it has been one year already since I was there! Time goes by too fast.

I was so happy to have my friend and fellow-contester Dave, WA8WV operating with me using the 4X0WV callsign during the contest. We have both talked many times about operating a contest from a DX location and representing Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC) in a major contest effort. Dave is a very experienced contest operator especially proficient in CW contests but I am working with him to help him be just as good in Phone contests HiHi. We have many good memories operating together with Bob, W4MYA and friends at his M/M contest station in Virginia.

All in all, we were pleased with our contest results from Reut. This is a great location and the bands are very quiet from there. This year, Slava, 4Z5MU, my dear friend and overseer of the Club Station, made sure we had everything we needed to operate the 48-hours of the contest. He made sure we had Low Band capabilities and even provided a 500-watt power amplifier for the contest this year (2004)! I know we had a good signal from the pile-ups which were great fun for me and Dave!

We were pleased with our final score but only wish we had had the ability to access the Internet and view DX spots during the contest to increase our multipliers. But again, we were pleased with our results as shown below:

160  7 1.75 2 4
80 84 239 2.85 9 37
40 224 643 2.87 14 46
20 1029 2887 2.81 30 89
15 1141 3315 2.91 20 78
10 1192 3516 2.95 17 61
Totals 3674 10607   2.89 92 315
Claimed score: 4,317,049

Dave and I wish to extend our appreciation to Slava, 4Z5MU for his gracious assistance. Slava is a great friend and will always be a brother to me in amateur radio. I want to thank IARC Honorary President Joseph Obstfeld, 4Z6KJ for his assistance. I am just sorry that I have not had the chance to actually meet this remarkable man who I respect and admire. I highly recommend that people read Josephs incredible autobiography "My Early Years" --www.bibliobooks.com/auth_obstfeld.html

And of course, I was happy to meet some of the great 4X hams I met last year including Mark, 4Z4KX and Dim, 4Z5GV. I also had the pleasure meeting Rich, 4X1DA; Michael, 4Z5AV from Eilat; and had a short eyeball QSO during a coincidental meeting with Ruben, 4Z5FI (ex-LU8HFI) while we were visiting Masada. Ruben saw my 4X0WV baseball cap and asked about the callsign. Otherwise, we NEVER would have met! Thank you for asking dear Ruben!

Following the CQWW Contest, Dave and I rejoined our families and resumed our tour of the Holyland. It is a country that has been blessed with beauty and richness beyond belief. And I will continue to keep Israel in my prayers and look to the day when I can return. Who knows-- perhaps even to operate another CQWW

73 and DX,
Hal, W8HC

QSL info: 4X0WV via W8HC - Hal Turley; 6 Ives Drive; Huntington,WV 25705; USA

Oct 2004 CQ WW DX CONTEST phone op.WA8WV

Click for preview  Contest clip [download 3,2M]


Click for preview Contest clip [download 5,5M]