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 4Z7CCF About
Hello everyone, my name is Pinchas (Piero) Aviv or just "Pini" as my nickname.
I am located in Tel-Aviv and I am 43 y/o.
I was born in Rome (Italy) and Ive moved to Israel at the age of 13.

Today I am working on VHF/UHF/SHF and also operate RF gateway to Echolink (node 85518) & E-qso systems, (which is real exciting considering how far we have come along technology wise over many years) and also volunteer as a TRN & IARES member.

I believe the most important activity required to maintain the Amateur Radio spirit, is to promote Ham radio to the younger generations and to show them the contributions made to the society, the pleasure to have friends all over the World, and the other fantastic aspects of this enjoyable hobby that is a wonderful part of my day & life.

73 & Shalom from Israel,