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 13-th Spring Festival 2016 !!

 Saturday - 7  of May 2016! ! ! 

Starts from 9:00 AM

Annual Spring Festival will take place in the well-known Ilanot Forest near Netanya .

Do you really gona be there ?

If you're - in doubt ...just visit the Festival Home Page and look at ours pictures  from previouse festivals ...

But ... better - just start to pack your Barbeque staff , mobile  equipment and ... smile - you'll meet a lot of friends there ....

73 & CUL ! de  4Z4KX


Spring Festival 2005 . Just - History...

Find here the  PHOTO and VIDEO [5.9 mgb] from place of festival......

IRC's Required
IRC = The number of IRC's the local Post Office requires to mail a envelope containing a QSL.
Join Us
Join Us for open your personal page with information about you and your photogallery...
K7MAS in Israel, 1954
I am K7MAS . The story behind the photo "K7MAS in Israel, 1954" is that I lived in Israel from 1953 to 1964 with my family.
European PSK Club
Dear Friends,

We are inviting you to join the European PSK Club (or more commonly "EPC"). Its purpose is to promote activity and good operating practice on the PSK mode(s) on all amateur bands. Membership is FREE for any licensed radio amateur or SWL. All of our managers serve on a voluntary basis.
4X4MIS - Mikve Israel
4X6ZK : " I decided to take the challenge and give to this club a new life...."
Why called "HAMS"
Have you ever wondered why radio amateurs are called "HAMS"? Well, it goes like this: The word "HAM" as applied to 1908