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European PSK Club      17/06/2006
Dear Friends,
January 2-week tour of the Holyland      22/02/2006

Shalom Dear Friends,

I apologize for the delay in writing of our ?family?s? 2-week tour of

4X7AZ AKHZIV ISLAND ? IOTA AS-100      02/11/2005

In Israel , as you may heard there are several small islands along the coast line.
The isla

4X0WV CQ WW PH contes      01/11/2004

Shalom -
As I begin  writing this, Dave, WA8WV is trying hard to work A61AJ on 80 meters. <

The R.L. DRAKE COMPANY History      11/08/2004

The R. L. Drake Co. was founded by

DX Maybe!      09/01/2003
Last week one of the Local QRPers was up the hill to try some questions on us. This one was upset not because of countri

Have you ever wondered why we radio amateurs are called Hams? Well it goes something like this--the word ham wa

"'SOS,' 'CQD' and the History of Maritime Distress Calls"      19/12/2002
This month we are going to diverge a little from talking about wire and wireless artifacts and talk about wireless teleg