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In Israel , as you may heard there are several small islands along the coast line.
The islands are small , so only one island can be a target site for radio operation if the sea is not rough.
Compare to other countries in the area, like Greece and Turkey that
Owns hundreds of islands and we have only one small island called AKHZIV.

The island is a small rock about 40 meters wide , 160 meters long and only one meter above sea level.
The island is located 1300 meters from the coast line of Israel on the Mediterranean sea.
This is the only island that?s count for the IOTA program ( AS-100).

Following many requests from all over , I decided to lead this operation to AS-100 again.
The last operation we did was in year 2000 ? using the call 4X0A.

We asked and received from the authorities the call 4X7AZ for two reasons.
4X7 is a rare prefix for the prefix hunters and AZ stands for AKHZIV.

For the first time we decided to stay overnight on the island and to operate 30 hours non stop.
We wanted to give the Island to all the countries that was not able To contact this site during day light.

October 14-15 2005 was chosen as clear two days without any major
Contest?s or DX Expeditions.

The team members were Shalom 4Z4BS, Mark 4Z4KX, Ruben 4Z5FI,
Ruslan 4Z5LA, Yuli 4X6HP and myself.

The island is close to the Lebanese boarder (OD) so we was obliged to keep the vessel and the skipper with us all the duration of the activity.

The team met on Friday morning in a small Marina three miles from Akhziv.
We loaded quickly the vessel (500kg) and headed to the island.
We reached the island in half an hour.
The island was covered 80% with shallow water about 5 inch high.
We was obliged to walk two days in salty water.

- IC706, IC746, TS450
- Linear Amplifier 800W - Home brew by UT2FW
- 15/40M Vertical with Radials, R5, Lakeview sticks, MFJ mobile antenna.
- 2KVA and 1KVA generators with gas and oil.
- Band Pass Filters to run 3 stations without RFI.
- 2 Laptops for computerized network logging.
- Antenna cables, power cables and all the required accessories.

We installed quickly the first rig TS450 , Battery and the MFJ mobile Antenna and started the heavy pile-up with Europe and Asia.

We assembled the main stations that included the IC746 and the 800W  Linear amplifier.
We erected the home made vertical for 15/40 meters in the center of the lagoon, with 4 mating radials in the salty water. This antenna set-up Performed as an ?electromagnetic mirror?.
We connected this set-up to the 2KVA generator to run the station smoothly.
Important note for island operators.
We were told by several local antenna experts that if we can not put a Yagi antenna above 12 meters high, the verticals will perform much better with the surrounding salty water ! they was right.

The third station included the IC706 , R5 on a tripod and the small 1KVA generator.

The pile-ups were heavy and we had to work by numbers in SSB rather than trying to work split frequency.
On CW we worked mainly split.

Conditions was good comparing to the poor conditions we faced this year, Mainly on the high bands.
10/12/15 meters was open and we worked many DX stations as well.

We worked 76 different countries during the 30 hours of operation.

During the night hours we focused on 40 meters CW AND TRIED TO ?GIVE? THE ISLAND TO MANY NA west coast guys that was looking for the AS-100 contact.

I took care on the food and drinks for the team.
On the first day I fished 20 nice snappers (see picture) and prepared a Royal dinner for the team based on Fish.
Shalom 4Z4BS CELEBRATED BIRTHDAY OF 73 ! yes he was 73 years young with the team on the island.
We opened wine and Vodka to celebrate with Shalom this great event.

The mood of the team was very high after refueling the members with Vodka.
The team worked in full steam to make a record of contacts from the island.

We couldn?t sleep on the island. The few dry places was covered With very sharp rocks that could not allow us to put a sleeping bag.

During the next day we continued in our massive operation till 1530.
The water around the island became rough afternoon and we faced  Many difficulties to load the vessel on our way back.
Finally we left the island on 1730 back to the small marina. It was two busy days. We made 3449 QSO?s in 30 hours of operation.
(see the summary).
I want to thank all the team members for the efforts to make it happen.

4X7AZ QSO statistic:

Total QSOs:







4X7AZ QSO statistic by band/mode:





























QSL Manager FOR 4X7AZ is Ruslan 4Z5LA

73 / Shalom