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WFF program in Israel      27/12/2009

 Wold Flora and Fauna 

4Z5J & 4X0G in CQ WW CW 2009      18/12/2009

 Brief post-contest repo

4X1AT - Silent Key      07/12/2006

  In memory of Ahron Kirshner 4X1AT   

Holyland Programm Convoy      11/06/2006

On third of  June  2006  an <

Sergej Rebrov 4X/UT5UDX in ARRL DX CW contest 2006      22/02/2006
Hello friends,

Well known soccer player Sergej Rebrov (UT5UDX,M0SDX,TA2ZF,UT0U) stays in Israel with
New Holyland award winners      25/09/2005

Malik , 4X4JU , has finished send out  a Holy

4X4MS - Mikve Israel School - is on Air agane.      20/09/2005

4X0AI . IOTA AS-100      30/08/2005
Akhziv 2005 by 4Z5KJ      13/08/2005

This trip happend thanks to the God and my wife Nathaly . . In 1999 we tried to land on a desert islan

Masada 4X0MS      23/04/2005


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