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Holyland Mobiles in contest 2005      23/04/2005

So , annual test has finished . On that  year we saw not so big foregn activity , but our "Big G

Holyland activity Dead Sea 21 nov 2004      22/11/2004

Eli -4Z5NB and  Dov-4Z4DX operate 21 november 2004  from Dead Sea area:<

4X4SKF Oct field day      01/11/2004

Place meet of field day

K7MAS in Israel, 1954      13/07/2004

I am K7MAS . The story behind the photo "K7MAS in Israel, 1954" is that I lived in
Maritime mobil activity      24/05/2004

1 may 2004 we 4Z4BS ? Shalom, 4X6HP ?Yuli and 4Z5

Photos from The first AntFest      04/04/2004
4X/KC8FS in West Virginia      16/12/2003

 Shalom .

 I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and all of the ki

List of squares of our trip in 15 november 2003      18/11/2003

  Here the list of squares of our trip in 15 november 2003 please add to ur book.

Israel HAM's meeting in place at YOSHUA park at Saturday 20, 2003      05/10/2003
Big field day (יום שדה ) take place at "YOSHUA" pa
Negev Holyland expedition      17/09/2003

19 september 2003 at 04-00 GMT Eli 4Z5NB ,A

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