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4X/KC8FS in West Virginia

 Shalom .

 I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and all of the kind and wonderful members of IARC who were so helpful to me during my visit to 4X during the end of October.  This was truly a magnificent experience, not only to see the Holy Land for the first time but to meet so many friends of amateur radio.  Also I was glad to be able to assist at least 7 of the 4X DXers by checking their DXCC cards.  I actually checked over 1,900 QSOs for these DXers!

 My brief visit at the club station in Tel Aviv as well as my experience operating for one day at the Reut club station have given me memories I will never forget.  Everyone was so kind!  I hope you will acknowledge the many hams in 4X who were such gracious hosts and who looked out for my well being.  I especially want to thank Mark, 4Z4KX; Dov, 4Z4DX and Dimitry,
4Z5GV for their help in Tel Aviv.  However, I cannot begin to express my appreciation to Slava, 4Z5MU.  Slava took care of me while I operated the CQWW from the club station in Reut and he, his XYL and lovely young daughter Rita took me back to Jerusalem safely on Saturday night so I could get back to my family at the Dan Panorama Hotel.  Slava and his wife also made sure I had provisions during my operation of 4X/KC8FS.  They are wonderful people and my heart was touched by their kindness.

 For your information, from my only 17 hours of operation in the CQWW, I concluded with 1,221 QSOs from 4X and just over 600,000 points.  I really enjoyed operating from the club station  4X4REM at Reut.  The pileups were great fun!  I think the 3- element tri-bander made a big difference there.  I made contact with several other 4X station during the contest and also made QSOs with Steve, 4X/AA4V who was also operating the contest from the Dan Panorama Hotel in Tel Aviv.   Steve and I hope to meet for an eyeball QSO perhaps at Dayton next year.

 Joseph, aside from my radio experience in Israel, this was a journey that is nothing like I have ever experienced.  We visited all 4 corners of Israel during our 2-week stay.  I am still in awe of the beauty and splendor of your country and can tell you that this trip has changed my life.  I continue to pray for Israel and for her people and for all of my friends of amateur radio.  Please know that my XYL and I are talking about a return trip next year and I would even look forward to another  opportunity to operate from the station in Reut!  In fact, I think I have talked one or two more of my stateside friends into possibly going with us next year!  I have put together a PowerPoint presentation of my visit and already have used it at a local club meeting to generate interest.  So perhaps I will be back next year with more visitors and will also be able to check more DXCC cards for Israeli DXers.

 Thanks again for your help and for contacting the 4X hams to accommodate my visit and my experience in CQWW.

 Sincerest 73 for the coming Holiday Season and for a healthy and prosperous New Year.  G_d Bless you and your family.

 Hal Turley, KC8FS, 4X/KC8FS <KC8FS@aol.com>
 ARRL Section Manager for West Virginia