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Holyland Mobiles in contest 2005

So , annual test has finished . On that  year we saw not so big foregn activity , but our "Big Guns" reports about more than 1000 QSO on the LOG's...

It is time now for points counting , sending a LOG's and wating for results .....

More than 10 call-sign were present our MOBILE GUARD in the Contest  . We hope to show  here  a couple of frames

received from Holyland activators :


4Z4KX/m -IARC Contest Manager - Mark Stern

more than  600 QSO SSB/CW


in quite deep conditions  Hi!

as usualy , short mobile vertical on a see side works as good as solid state YAGI's....

.... and in the mountines  too ....

 4Z5KJ/m - finaly more than 900 QSO SSB/CW

appr. 800 QSO SSB mobile