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Masada 4X0MS

24.12.2004 Castle Activity - Masada 4X0MS

Jan - 4X1VF, Ilya - 4Z1UF, Shalom - 4Z4BS, Mark - 4Z4KX, Ruben - 4Z5FI, Ruslan - 4Z5LA and Yuli - 4X6HP will operate for the first time after 16 years from the famous historical site - "Masada Castle" near the Dead Sea, with the special callsign 4X0MS.
Activity has been started 10:00z Friday, December 24th until 10:00z Sunday, December 26th. They on the air with 2 complete stations on CW/SSB 80-10 meters.

Total: 4657 QSOs. online log / פמעמדנאפטט / גטהומ[ 7,5 דב]