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4X4MS - Mikve Israel School - is on Air agane.

Few months ago I went to mikve israel school ,I was standing near a building with a small 3 element yagi a place who used to be one of the best radio amateurs clubs in Israel.The club was very active and many new HAM's came out from there.

 I decided to take the challenge and give this club a new life....The first step was - to replace the antenna and to collect all the radios and other stuff is needed for the club to operate .I called to Alex 4Z5KJ and he said me on our first meeting " It's about time that a radio club will have the best antenna solution, I mean 40 meters yagi and a 3 elements yagi".It took Alex and me few months to plan the all project but we were limited for one mast only that means all antenna must be together on the same must and for 80 160 we will have to find a wires antenna. We started the work every week end it took us 4 weekends with the help of 4z5ps 4z4dx 4x1ad and other hams who gave me and Alex advices .

Yesterday 17-Sep-05 the first step was finished a 40 meters yagi and a 3 elements yagi were installed about 17 meters above the ground with a strong rotator and all works well.

Now we have to finish the 80/160 antennas and to try to bring as many new students for the "4x4mis" club.

Many thanks to Alex 4Z5KJ ,  4X6WP, 4Z4DX , 4Z5PS ,  4X1AD and 4X4-3400 - Max , Alex's son .

See you on the Air,  73 de 4X6ZK - Mony  

This is the antenna before