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Holyland Programm Convoy

On third of  June  2006  an  annual  "Holyland" program trip  took place , which was organized by
4Z5KJ .....  Something  different  happened on this trip -   the road had been  entered  by a special convoy
of  5 vehicles , which had a goal  - to cross a West Bank of  the Jordan River and to activate on the way 26
squares in BL, RA & YN "Holyland"  areas ...

The route  was planned through Jerusalem and the Dead Sea Valley to the North - and through the famous West Bank
of the Jordan  River .... The Last Holyland Program operations  from this area happened a long time ago ,
before the second Palestinian Intifada started ... From this time  Israeli?s didn?t enjoy traveling too much on this land ...

There was lot of terrorist attacks against lonely Israeli vehicles , that drove this way . A lot of people passed away on this road .
That's why it was decided to enter this area with a special convoy , consisting of a few vehicles , equipped with weapons ,
VHF communication and other security devices .....
















Look at this guy . This is Max  -  4Z5PM .  Inspite of serious handicap  and many health problems  , he has enjoed
this trip and would'nt forget that  day , as he said .....He is ready to come out  onto the road again ..... 
















The main  HF operator for this trip was Mony  4X6ZK .... 7 hours of  Pile-Up's  , more than 700 QSO?s on SSB whilst mobile .

This well-known HAM both inside and outside Israel ,  got his Holyland Award a long time ago , but decided to join this trip
and renew this  fantastic  filling - to introduce this magic land on the Air ...
















This is Dov ,  4Z7DGF - he got his first license two weeks before the trip .

Congrats for such a really good start for your HAM career !!!
















The first break happened closed to Alon village , on the way from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea ...There is nothing special about this place ,
but all of the convoy members were impressed by the beautiful view to the Dead Sea Valley and Judean wilderness from the summit of
the mountain ........ And besides - there was a quite rare Holyland square L17RA .

About  20 minutes from Alon , the convoy was entering  Judean wilderness  ..... The destination point here was - a couple of rare squares
and famous site which is venerated by Muslims as Maqam El-Nabi Musa .... magic minaret in the middle of the Desert .....

The main body of the present shrine, mosque, minaret and some rooms were built during the reign of Al-Dhaher Baybers,
a Mamluk Sultan, in 1269 AD.


.... One of the most active participants  of " Holyland "program  for last years is Eli Shahaf  4Z5NB .  On this trip Eli  took upon himself
  quite hard mission - to operate on 40 meters band for local stations ....


















The second stop was already in Jordan river Valley . The convoy stopped in the very beautiful palm-tree alley ..
















The ??Ships of the Desert " in these lands are the usual thing ....

Alexander  4Z5KJ - is very active "Holylander" and Convoy organizer .... For his next Holyland Trophy he  needed the last 15 squares  ....


















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